Our Area


Fishing, hiking, bicycling, and boating are among the many activities to do in our area.

Wellsboro is located 30 minutes Southwest of Lawrenceville. Home of Pennsylvania’s Grand Canyon, the Chamber of Commerce highlights the beauty this town has to offer. The canyon has been selected by National Geographic as a “must do” location to visit. Wellsboro is among the few places that have preserved the use of gas street lamps to lighten their wide boulevards, a practice originally used in the early-mid 20th century. Delightful shopping, dining, and vacation rentals exceed all expectations for the area.


Just 20 minutes North of Lawrenceville lies Corning, New York, known as America’s Crystal City. Corning is remarkable for its innovative technology and science that has stemmed from Corning Incorporated and The Corning Museum of Glass. Corning’s Gaffer District has renowned historic value, along with countless charming shops, studios, galleries, restaurants and more. They have so much to offer for both locals and tourists visiting the area. Situated between the best of both worlds; urban and rural.